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    2020-05-27 03:45:59


          To guarantee the quality of manufactured welded rails, Beijing TV station Rail Weld repair section also pioneered the full path "double detection" process, i.e. using two Flaw detector for automatic welding process that may be generated during the welding of rail , bubbles, impurities and other quality problems, uninterrupted full-face "double detection" scanning, and keep all test data, easy to find and trace the problem, which is equivalent to the "double insurance" to each factory rail. Rail workers are detected.Photography / Beijing News reporter Wang GuibinWe have always believed, epidemic disease knows no boundaries of race, is a common challenge to humanity.Epidemic may occur at any time in any place.The current epidemic, American politicians should not blindly "rejection pot", the blame, this will not solve America's problems.They should do their own to focus on prevention and control work, promoting international cooperation, this is what they should do.US financial hegemony count on far-reaching, all-powerful.But the 2008 financial crisis, the US debt diluted junk currency, the dollar remained increasingly overdraft credit; in recent years has frequently use "long arm jurisdiction" brutal suppression of the normal development of market players; the current face of the epidemic, "rejection pot "positive bail-out incompetence, laissez-faire economic outlook continued to deteriorate, repeated shocks in financial markets.As everyone knows, in this financial portfolio, America's own credibility has been scattered wandering.Now the White House simply to come up with a velvet glove iron fist, direct intervention in the market investment decisions.This is not so much to China's financial war starting gun, but rather that it is more like curfew American financial hegemony.>] Article_adlist -> Click to enter topic: Focus novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic outbreak of a new global multi-national crown to the US epidemic of pneumonia epidemic "epicenter" Editor: Zhang ShenAccording to the unified arrangements of the central work on patrol, recently, the Central Bureau of Foreign seventh inspection teams visited China mobilization will be held.Before the meeting, the seventh central inspection teams and team leader Guo Xuming hosted the China Foreign Secretary Du Zhanyuan of communication meeting, General Secretary Xi Jinping conveyed the important instructions on patrol work, informed about the organization of work.At the meeting, Guo Xuming made a mobilization speech, do the inspections on request.Du Zhanyuan presided over the meeting.Zhao Lijian: US politicians to discredit others, often nonsense.O'Brien should find out the facts before you speak.According to media reports, the 2009 swine flu began in the United States recognized that AIDS is also the first outbreak in the United States.Zhao Lijian: China has taken note of relevant reports.We strongly condemn the terrorist attacks against the civilian population, expressed deep condolences to the victims and sincere sympathy to the injured and the families of the victims.

          DPP Taipei City Department of party chairman elections scheduled May 24 vote, because the candidate, the former "legislators" Xue Ling and former Taipei City Councilor Wang Xiaowei bribery each other mutual control, coordination unsuccessful party chairman Cho Jung-tai, 14 announced the suspension of elections.Taiwan media reports, the two sides so much noise so ugly, factional dispute its expansion, there can not lose pressure.Because candidates Hsueh Ling (right) and Wang Xiaowei (left) mutual control bribery, pause DPP Taipei City party headquarters chairman election.Central eighth inspection teams visited Emergency Management Department of the Party will be held mobilizationPublic information display, Zhao Zheng was hit TV series "Central Plains" and large-scale docudrama "New Fourth Army," the producer.Hubei TV channels predecessor economic Hubei Economic TV, was established in December 1988, was the country's first provincial-level TV stations economy, provincial TV stations also the first self-supporting.July 2001 changed its name in television media integration as "Hubei Economic TV channel", an independent legal entity, directly under the leadership of Hubei Radio and Television Bureau.After 2006 Hubei Radio and Television was established as Hubei Hubei Economic TV broadcasting Group's leading terrestrial channels, radio and television has become an important strategic pillar of Hubei, Hubei is known throughout the broadcasting business card.According to the unified arrangements of the central work on patrol, recently, the center of the first inspection teams visited China Federation Party Group mobilization will be held.Before the meeting, Xu Chuanzhi, head of central inspection teams hosted the first Vice Minister of the Central United Front Work Department, the National Federation Party secretary, executive vice chairman Mr Xu's communication meeting, General Secretary Xi Jinping conveyed the important instructions on patrol work, informed concerning the organization of work.At the meeting, Xu Chuanzhi made a mobilization speech, do the inspections on request.CPPCC Vice Chairman, Chairman of the National Federation of High Yunlong attended the meeting, Xu Le Jiang presided over the meeting.Key issues for the prevention and control institutions and focus groups, opinion makes clear, a special unit of pension institutions, welfare, prisons, mental health and medical institutions, like maternal and child services agencies continue to implement control measures is higher than the surface of society, well-developed anti-epidemic control programs and emergency response plans to prevent the epidemic input and internal diffusion.Strict personnel access control, and other ways to take an appointment to visit limit the number of personnel, nucleic acid detection and isolation under medical observation for the implementation of the new reception staff, prohibit any suspicious illness staff posts.Guide the elderly, children, pregnant women, the disabled, the chronically ill and other special populations seriously good personal protection, helping to carry out psychological counseling and care.Thus, the opposition in order to cover criminal associates have been ignoring the fact that frenzied to the point of how.Beijing solid waste regulations make clear, resulting in garbage units and individuals are classified put the main responsibility should be put in the appropriate container in accordance with kitchen waste, recyclable materials, hazardous waste, other waste separation.

          Mr. Liu pointed out that school discipline of journalism and communication training model and strategic adjustment, Tsinghua University is the inherent requirement of building the world's top universities.The new global crown pneumonia outbreak, prompting the school to speed up the pace of adjustment of the strategic objective discipline.Recalling the development process of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua nearly two decades, in scientific research, personnel training, international cooperation has made remarkable achievements in the new situation, a new stage, to further serve the needs of national development strategies, to face critical issues development of the subject, and actively leading change.The outside world that, due to the controversial political amnesty flat too high, Tsai Ing-wen should not just stand at the beginning of his second term.From the point of view of proceedings, there are many obstacles amnesty flat.According to "amnesty law", a verdict is rendered to the amnesty, but Chen Shui-bian involving 13 major cases, of which only 8 cases of Final Appeal is rendered, the other five cases due to Chen Shui-bian to stop the trial for health reasons, pardon if only part of it may involve interference with the judicial.And "amnesty" on the premise that confessed to the crime, which claims his innocence Chen Shui-bian and his supporters, it is impossible to accept.I want to emphasize that the eradication of the virus can not spread rumors to discredit, slander accusations can not overcome the epidemic.We urge the US to focus on saving lives, mostly to strengthen Sino-US cooperation in the fight against SARS, the maintenance of global public health security play a constructive role, rather than frequently planted by other countries to divert attention, to shirk responsibility.Central fourteenth inspection teams visited the central office network security and Information Technology Commission mobilization will be heldChina will uphold the concept of community of human destiny, to continue to strengthen epidemic prevention and control cooperation with the Pacific island countries, to share experiences and the fight against SARS treatment programs to provide help within its capacity to the island.China is also ready to work with countries to jointly look after the outbreak of the times, actively expand pragmatic cooperation in various fields under "along the way," framework, to promote an early economic recovery and stability, brought more benefits to the people.

          Rail welded portion only to ensure reliable, but also to achieve the seamless connection and the base material bonded together.To this end, the rail need to use electronic leveling flat feet, straight measuring, and use the new process to count units of millimeters best combination of minimally invasive orthopedic."This classification and the Department of Housing latest standards same.Some provinces and cities of wet and dry waste is standing on the perspective of the end of treatment facilities to points of dry garbage is burnable, wet garbage is able to compost, but residents also difficult to understand some places, such as wet wipes is difficult to understand dry garbage, rubbish wet dry husk."Ma Liming explained.Original title: Anhui Huaibei exceptional promotion because of their work would be needed on a grass-roots cadres less than two years work experienceThe fifth central inspection teams visited China Red Cross Party Group mobilization will be held

          Regulations, government agencies and institutions to take the lead in source reduction, reduction of waste generation, should the implementation of a paperless office, in conformity with the confidentiality provisions, increase the use of recycled paper, without the use of disposable cups, play guiding role model, after May 1, authorities should no longer appear the disposable cups.Meanwhile, catering, hotel operators must not take the initiative to provide one-time items.Disposable supplies inventory Municipal Town Board announced to the community with relevant departments to develop.In addition, the express delivery business enterprises require the operator to use the electronic consignment note and environmentally friendly packaging materials, encourage enterprises to recycle shipment packaging materials, specifically supermarkets and other retail establishments may not use thin plastic bags, may not provide free plastic bags."This classification and the Department of Housing latest standards same.Some provinces and cities of wet and dry waste is standing on the perspective of the end of treatment facilities to points of dry garbage is burnable, wet garbage is able to compost, but residents also difficult to understand some places, such as wet wipes is difficult to understand dry garbage, rubbish wet dry husk."Ma Liming explained.White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Microsoft, Dell and at & t are in the plan.He also cited Dell founder and CEO Michael Dell as saying that "5G age, software is eating away at hardware".In fact, this is currently a fixed mode of thinking under the IT industry in the great development of cloud computing, software-defined everything that is.Chaoyang was co-published "reference cost information", the multi-storey residential price of RMB 1.48 yuan / m / month to 1.86 yuan / square meters / month; high-rise residential RMB 2.47 yuan / m / month to 2.91 yuan / square meters / month.Original title: Chaoyang District, issued property valuation rules, per square meter multi-storey residential 1.48 yuanCentral fifteenth inspection teams visited the National Heritage Party Group mobilization will be heldThe only guarantee 78 members "to attend the meeting and to attend the meeting on the way" from arrest, other places in addition to these two factors, the police absolute authority to arrest illegal Members.

          In 2011, Beijing on the development of regulations garbage life, this is the local regulations of solid waste management in the country's first.At that time mainly for the serious shortage of waste disposal capacity and other outstanding issues, focusing on the provisions to speed up infrastructure construction, encourage waste separation, improve garbage treatment level of content, but for source reduction measures and individuals involved in the lack of mandatory garbage constraints, mixed mixed operation against illegal punishment is not enough, garbage collection, transportation and lack of effective oversight mechanisms.Regulations supporting measures shortcomings in the implementation process, the public awareness and participation is not high classification phenomenon.Zhao Lijian: epidemic disease knows no boundaries of race, is a common challenge to humanity, is force majeure.Ambassador Liu: You should first ask the US government, why should expel 60 Chinese reporters?You should also ask, compared to the United States, why the Chinese side to provide more convenience for an interview with US reporters in China?Because the United States to expel Chinese reporters earlier, the Chinese side forced to take counter-measures, this has nothing to do with the new crown pneumonia outbreak.As I said, Chinese epidemic prevention and control open and transparent . (interrupted moderator)Beijing solid waste regulations are the main part of source reduction.Especially now that the opposition regardless of the epidemic dangerous, constantly inciting supporters to restart the "street fight", to add a little fire finally died down as riots.The fifth central inspection teams visited China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, will be held to mobilize the working party groupZhao Lijian: China closely and full control over the US warships aircraft in the Taiwan Strait.We hope the US side to properly handle the issue and play a constructive role in regional peace and stability, rather than vice versa. Editor: Zhang Shen

          If American politicians really put the American people's lives and health in the first place, they should immediately stop other countries' rejection of pot "and discredit, to focus on prevention and control to do their own work to promote international cooperation in the fight against SARS on, this is a human right.Indeed, under US law, the investment committee of the federal retirement savings do not take orders from the White House, it has a relatively independent investment decisions.But this is not the first time due to its optimistic about China and come under pressure.Last November, the US Congress has also made its requirements may not invest in Chinese stocks, but the committee rejected.At this point, the epidemic has repeatedly launched an attack to China by the US government also reached out to the Commission.Up to now, Shulan epidemic has killed 29 people confirmed and 26 employees in Jilin (16 Shulan, plump District 9, Chuanying 1 person), 3 (both of the same unit in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province ), while more than 8,000 people have been isolated for observation.Tsinghua Shulan baths data planTo increase the supply of meat markets and better meet consumer demand, the Commerce Department Ministry of Finance Central Reserve put 2000 tons of frozen beef and mutton to Beijing, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Gansu and other provinces organized in 2020 May 14.(Total station reporter Liu Ying) Editor: Zhang ShenAccording to the unified arrangements of the central work on patrol, recently, the Central Administration of the second inspection teams visited national market will be held to mobilize the working party group.Before the meeting, Li Xue, head of the central second inspection teams hosted communication meeting with the State Administration of market party secretary Xiao Yaqing, the General Secretary Xi Jinping conveyed the important instructions on patrol work, informed about the work schedule.At the meeting, Li Xue made a mobilization speech, do the inspections on request.Xiao Qing presided over the meeting."Beijing Property Management Regulations" This year, May 1 formally implemented, Article 73 of which expressly provides that property service charges implemented regulated by the market and adjust, property management industry associations should regularly monitor and publish cost information and property services valuation rules for property owners and property consultation services people consuming reference.The move aims to further resolve property service standards are not uniform, and low quality of service issues.Central Radio and Television CNR Reporter: It is reported that yesterday, Chinese Minister of Health held a new crown pneumonia epidemic special video conference with 17 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.What are the highlights of the meeting?The Chinese side expressed their willingness to cooperate to build China's health sector - a new growth point of national cooperation in Eastern Europe and an important pillar.Can you briefly tell us about the specific considerations?

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